We are dedicated to bringing new media to the market place, both in product offerings as well as in networks of coverage

To develop and implement competitive and avant-garde media all over the Middle East providing the highest level of coverage.


Knowledge is power, and market knowledge is what we possess at Group Plus; sensing potential to develop the outdoor media scene without sparing any efforts to follow latest technologies.

Experience and in-depth understanding are vital for an effective communication and these are integrated into the Group Plus offering at carefully selected prime locations, delivered with personal commitment and dedicated passion.

We consider creativity as the key to distinction, giving Group Plus a competitive edge in a fast paced market, as we don’t just offer services, but investments for success.


4x3 Networks
More than 2,200 Faces in Prime Locations across Lebanon:
Beirut 264 Panels / Baabda 120 Panels / Metn 458 Panels / Aley 138 Panels / Chouf 150 Panels / Keserwan 472 Panels / New Costal 117 Panels / Bekaa 86 Panels / South 269 Panels / North 163 Panels.


Giant Signs

Located in congested areas, on key highways, intersections, airport roads and choke points to all major cities; our illuminated Unipoles, Wall Signs and Rooftops provide unmatched outdoor coverage. With their month-long presence and excellent visibility to vehicular traffic, your ad will impact your target on the go affecting its purchasing decisions. These mediums vary in dimensions and come in different remarkable creative canvas that spread a resounding buzz on the scene. Giant signs remain until today an exclusive adopted medium for leading brands willing to command major attention and make a benchmark.
Rooftops / Wall Signs / Unipoles / Minipoles 8x3


Digital LED Screens

5 LED Screens in strategic locations and plus to come.
Tabaris / Rawche / Charles Helou / Citymall / Zouk Mikael