About Us


We are dedicated to bringing new media to the market place, both in product offerings as well as in networks of coverage

To develop and implement competitive and avant-garde media all over the Middle East providing the highest level of coverage.


Knowledge is power, and market knowledge is what we possess at Group Plus; sensing potential to develop the outdoor media scene without sparing any efforts to follow latest technologies.

Experience and in-depth understanding are vital for an effective communication and these are integrated into the Group Plus offering at carefully selected prime locations, delivered with personal commitment and dedicated passion.

We consider creativity as the key to distinction, giving Group Plus a competitive edge in a fast paced market, as we don’t just offer services, but investments for success.

Message from the Chairman

Make a difference! It is based on this ambition that Group Plus was established two decades ago with an aim to attain success while contributing to the development of the community.

Launched with humble beginnings, Group Plus quickly grew to become one of the largest media groups in the Middle East and expanded to include the United Arab Emirates, as well as Bahrain.

Today, I’m proud to have a portfolio marked with high achievements. All the accomplishments of Group Plus hold the signature of an endlessly committed and extremely devoted team of 400 employees operating in four countries. They spare no effort to invest their high skills, strong qualifications and wide creativity in building the professional image and market position of Group Plus, which they all consider as their own business.

From the moment we embarked on this journey till now, I made sure that we all base every step on transparency. And transparency is the promise we plan to keep in every project lying ahead of us. Armed with such values, we can keep catering to the needs of our loyal clients and giving Group Plus the opportunity to grow infinitely!

Georges J. Chehwane

  • LEDS

  • Mega Leds

  • Lampposts

  • 4x3 Megacoms

  • Rooftops

  • Unipoles

  • 8x3 Minipoles

  • Wall Signs

  • Prismas

  • Lightboxes

  • Scaffolding

  • Megacoms